The Department of Cytopathology participated and runs the following research projects:

  1. PITHAGORAS II - SUPPORT FOR UNIVERSITY RESEARCH TEAMS: «Molecular and genetics protein expression, primary chromosomal abnormalities, disorders of the cell cycle and angiogenesis in sporadic colon cancer»
  2. PENED K.A. 70/3/03ΕΔ 348 (8462) TITLE: «Telemedicine applications and systems adapted to diagnosis with the microscope»
  3. Operational program of ATTICA region 2000-2006: «Automated Detection of Malignancy and the Financial Impact». Project code: ATT_95. Project acronym: AKAKOS
  4. Κ.Α. 70/3/8481: «The role of immunocytology to improve performance of a cytopathology laboratory»
  5. Κ.Α. 70/3/8652: «Cost effectiveness analysis of the application of immunocytochemistry techniques from Liquid Based Cytology Material»
  6. Κ.Α. 70/3/8653: «The role of microarrays in the investigation of viral infections and molecular alterations in benign and malignant lesions»
  7. Κ.Α. 70/3/9045: «Prototype creation and application of fluorescent molecular hybridization techniques in cytology liquid phase ThinPrep smears»
  8. Κ.Α. 70/3/9114: «The role of HPV standardization, expression of L1 and E2/E6-E7 mRNA as prognostic markers of the biological behavior of HPV infection. Mutations of the path EGFR-KRAS-BRAF in determining chemotherapy patients with colorectal cancer»
  9. 11Κ/29: «Population screening for cervical cancer in arid and remote areas with a Pap test and simultaneous implementation of techniques for detection of infection with HPV. Continuation and expansion»
  10. ΚΑΕ 70/3/9594: «Study and evaluation of methodologies involved in predicting success compulsory vaccination for HPV infection». Ygeia Pronia
  11. «The plaque in the carotid artery: one multi-disciplinary approach to the optimal management of symptomatic and asymptomatic patients» Cooperation 2009 (General Secretariat for Research and Technology)
  12. «A decision support system based on advanced clinical theranostics protocols for the cost-effective, personalised management of HPV related diseases»   HPV Guard,
    Cooperation 2011 (General Secretariat for Research and Technology)